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4 Expert Lactation Consultants in Milwaukee For Support You Need

When you’re pregnant, you hear a lot about how special it will be to nurse your baby. Unfortunately, this is one of those situations where your mileage can really vary. Breastfeeding doesn’t come easily to a lot of people, and it can be incredibly frustrating when it just won’t click. If you could use some professional help, we would love to give you a list of the top lactation consultants in Milwaukee. By teaming up with an expert, you can have unlimited support as well as guidance to help you feed your baby in the way that you prefer. 

Ditch The Stress With These Incredible Lactation Consultants In Milwaukee

mother breast feeding chileTera’s Lactation Care

Tera’s Lactation Care is a Milwaukee practice that was founded by Tera Shapiro, a Registered Nurse and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC for short). Tera has years of experience, starting with her career as a labor and delivery nurse. She will provide you with non-judgmental care as she helps you create a plan for treatment. Tera can either meet you at home or provide you with a virtual visit. Following your appointment, she will continue to give you support through texts and calls. 

Wisco Lactation

530 N 108th Pl. Suite 100, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 53226

Wisco Lactation provides you with a Milwaukee team of lactation consultants who will provide you with evidence-based support. You can book either an in-home or office visit for your care. An initial appointment will often last 1.5-2 hours. During this, you will receive an assessment, perform a weighted feed, and have all your questions answered. They also offer follow-up appointments, counseling sessions, flange fittings, weaning, bodywork, and more. 

The Nurtured Latch

The Nurtured Latch is a practice that was opened by Rachele Kuehl. Not only does Rachele have a world of experience as a registered nurse and an IBCLC, but she is also a mom of 5 who has walked this path herself. She is here to provide you with care throughout your entire breastfeeding journey. She offers prenatal appointments that will prepare you for initial feedings. You can also book postpartum lactation consultant visits to you Milwaukee home that will help you troubleshoot any problems and give you treatment plans for results. 

Swaddled Newborn Care Concierge 

The newborn stage can be pretty stressful, but it’s nothing the Swaddled Newborn Care Concierge can’t handle! This group was founded to provide parents with care throughout the postpartum stage. You can find postpartum doulas, night nurses, and sleep coaching. They offer both prenatal and postpartum lactation support. While their prenatal course will give you a one-of-a-kind education, their postpartum care will assess any problems and help you come up with a plan for success. 

Take The Next Step With These Lactation Consultants In Milwaukee Today

While breastfeeding problems can be common, they are still extremely frustrating. By booking one of these lactation consultants in Milwaukee, you can have the care you need so you can get back to nursing! 

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