pregnant mom shows off the belly in flowing fabric

Get Ready to Meet Your Baby with These 5 Milwaukee Doulas!

Throughout pregnancy, you often reach a moment when you realize you don’t know what the heck you’re doing. Maybe you don’t quite know what to do for a birth plan, or you have no idea of how to organize your nursery. Whatever it is, it can quickly lead to an anxiety spiral. Luckily, there are experts out there to help you out! If you are starting to feel restless about the transition into parenthood, it’s time to start working with a doula. They can provide you with customized advice, give you an education, and offer you support when it all starts to feel overwhelming. Here are the best Milwaukee doulas to check out. 

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Take On Pregnancy And Birth Confidently With Wonderful Milwaukee Doulas

Doulas Milwaukee

Doulas Milwaukee provides you with a team of experts who will guide you as you get ready to meet your baby. Their birth doulas will set you up with two prenatal meetings as well as offer unlimited birth support. The center has childbirth classes that can teach you about the different methods of delivery. They also have a team of postpartum doulas who will encourage you as you take on life with a newborn. 

Milwaukee Doula Birth Services

Joann Bishop started up Milwaukee Doula Birth Services so she could help families all across the city. Joann has several packages, so you can find the one that’s right for you. Her birth doula plans will give you on-call help, delivery support, and a postpartum visit. If your original doula falls through, she can provide services as a last-minute doula. She also offers postpartum doula care. 

Moon Willow Doula

pregnant mom shows off the belly in flowing fabric

Moon Willow Doula is a Milwaukee doulas service offered by Elissa Lenkin Weber, a DONA-certified childbirth and postpartum doula. Elissa provides non-judgmental assistance and will walk you through everything from finding a birthing center to helping you prepare for the way you choose to feed. Following delivery, you can hire her as either an in-home or virtual postpartum doula.

Bridge Birth Services

Bridge Birth Services is a practice that is operated by Erin Megenity. During her prenatal visits, Erin will get to know you and understand your expectations for delivery. She will be there by your side through all of your labor. Once your baby is born, she will provide you with a postpartum visit where she can lend you advice and talk you through your labor experience. 

Faithful Haven Doula Collective

Faithful Haven Doula Collective encourages you to interview multiple Milwaukee doulas so you can decide on the one who will work the best for you. The doulas will help you decide which one will benefit you the most for your own personal expectations. The center has no limit on your prenatal visits and will speak with you as much as you need. They will also be there around the clock throughout labor. If you decide you need postpartum services, let them know, and they will create custom packages that are best for you.

You Will Love The Support From These Fantastic Milwaukee Doulas

By working with Milwaukee doulas, you will have exceptional guidance as you make the transition into parenthood. Check out these agencies today so you can find your person!

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