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5 Milwaukee Midwives to Guide You Through Your Birth Experience

When it comes to pregnancy, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. What your bestie wants for their birth experience might be the completely wrong option for you. If you are looking for personalized care throughout your pregnancy and delivery, you may want to consider working with a midwife. Because these providers are able to limit how many patients they see at one time, they are able to actually sit down with you and get a good understanding of your expectations. Plus, they can help you find the right resources for your ideal birth experience. Here are the best Milwaukee midwives for your prenatal care. 

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Build Your Dream Birth Team With These Incredible Milwaukee Midwives

Mama Moon Midwifery

3920 W National Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53215

Mama Moon Midwifery is a practice that was opened up by Erin O’Day to provide parents with options for their delivery. It’s her sincere belief that every person gets to decide on their own birth experience. Mama Moon Midwifery primarily assists with home births. Your midwife will ensure you feel confident about your delivery well before your due date. 


Milwaukee Community Midwives

3127 W. Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208

Milwaukee Community Midwives is a solo practice that was created by Tricia Morrissey to assist with home births. Before you sign up for her care, you can meet with her for a free consultation so you can make sure she’s the one for you. Tricia will be there for all your prenatal care and will ensure you feel ready for your delivery at home. neewborn baby boy in brown bucket with green hat

Baby Love Midwife Services

3127 W. Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53208

Baby Love Midwife Services is another service that was started by a midwife on a mission! The practice was opened by Kova Brown to allow women to make informed decisions for their delivery. She specializes in home births and will provide you with an education to make sure you feel empowered to have the birth that’s right for you!


newborn baby girl in basket with tan blanketsBirth in Color Midwifery

N63 W23217 Main Street, Suite 201, Sussex, Wisconsin 53089

Birth in Color Midwifery specializes in out-of-hospital delivery. Their Milwaukee midwives start from the beginning with preconception counseling. Following your delivery, they will perform all the visits within your home so they can make sure you’re on the path to recovery. In addition to out-of-hospital births, the center can offer you lactation support and placenta encapsulation. 

Génnisi Birth Services

Génnisi Birth Services provides in-home midwifery services to guide you through your labor and delivery. With this practice, you will receive all your visits within the comfort of your own home. Throughout your entire experience, your midwife will prioritize the health and safety of your baby. They give you the ability to rent a birth tub in case you want to use hydrotherapy through labor. You will have two midwives present during your home birth. 

Plan Your Dream Home Or Birth Center Birth With These Milwaukee Midwives

By finding the right Milwaukee midwives, you can have your dream birth experience. Check out these practices today so you can find your new provider! 

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