Ease Pregnancy Symptoms with a Prenatal Massage in Milwaukee

It’s no secret that pregnancy isn’t exactly kind to your body. You spend the majority of nine months with little sleep, swollen feet, and a backache unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. And while a massage might feel like an unnecessary expense, it can be exactly what your body needs to feel normal again. These appointments target problem areas that will ease symptoms outside of just the backaches. If you have been considering booking a prenatal massage, I would love to tell you about the best prenatal massage in Milwaukee. With all these spots, you’ll have an expert who will make sure your body gets the care it deserves!

Help Your Changing Body With A Wonderful Prenatal Massage In Milwaukee 

Pfister WELL Spa

424 E. Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

Pfister WELL Spa offers a 60-minute prenatal massage specially created to help your Milwaukee body relax. You can customize your massage to ensure you get the maximum benefits from your appointment. They recommend that you speak to your provider before your session to ensure the massage is right for you. 

RPM Bodywork

11512 N. Port Washington Road, Suite 200, Mequon, Wisconsin 53092

RPM Bodywork offers massages for every season of life to ensure you always feel your best. The Milwaukee center offers prenatal massages that can last for 60 or 90 minutes. During this time, they will work with your back to release the tension that has been causing you pain. 

Spring of Life Therapeutic Massage

207 East Buffalo Street, Suite 503, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

Springs of Life Therapeutic Massage offers a licensed massage therapist who has spent years studying how to use the services to improve your overall health and wellness. The center offers massages for a long list of different pains, including pregnancy, sports injuries, abdominal complaints, and migraines. 

Elements Massage

312 E Silver Spring Dr, Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin 53217

Elements Massage is a national chain that has built up a reputation for its exceptional services. They offer monthly subscriptions that make it more affordable to schedule all the Milwaukee prenatal massage appointments you need. The practice only allows specially trained therapists to work on pregnant clients. 


2060 N Humboldt Ave, Suite 300, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53212

INVIVO provides you with an experienced team who knows how to keep you in the best health throughout their services. They offer prenatal massages with a maternity cushioning system that allows you to lie on your side or stomach. You can also choose to be semi-reclined. 

Mason Street Lymphatic & Therapeutic Massage

759 N Milwaukee Street, Suite 410, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53202

Mason Street Lymphatic & Therapeutic Massage uses its Milwaukee services to provide relief for chronic pain and inflammation during the prenatal period. They can start providing you with fertility massages before you’re pregnant and will continue to treat you through every trimester. 

You Will Love Feeling Better After Your Next Prenatal Massage In Milwaukee

Trust me, you deserve the chance to relax with a soothing prenatal massage in Milwaukee! Visit one of these studios soon so you can give your body the care it needs. 

While you’re preparing to meet your baby, make sure you schedule some pictures to celebrate! I’m a Milwaukee photographer, and I adore working with parents across the area to make sure they can soak up every precious minute of this stage. I would love to connect and tell you all about my sessions so you can decide if I’m the photographer for you. Let’s chat soon!

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