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Wholesome Diaper | Eco-Friendly Diaper Service In Milwaukee!

As parents, we all know the benefits of cloth diapering. Not only is it great for the environment, but it’s also exceptionally gentle for your baby’s skin. The only issue is that cloth diapering isn’t exactly gentle on your sanity. If you want to start out, you can expect to spend hours pretreating and laundering diapers. Thankfully, there is a better way! If you have been wondering about cloth diapering but don’t want to spend the next few years of your life in a laundry room, I would love to introduce you to your new best friends at Wholesome Diaper. This Milwaukee diaper service makes it a breeze to be eco-friendly. 

About the Eco-Friendly Diaper Service In Milwaukee: Wholesome Diaper

Wholesome Diaper was founded in 2019 by Abigail Austin. A mom herself, Abigail wanted to make cloth diapering more accessible to families across the area. While Milwaukee families quickly fell in love, Abigail had to leave in 2020 due to a family move to the Dallas Fort Worth Area. She decided to hand the reins over to local parents David and Rachel Wilkerson. Now, Abigail is down in Dallas, keeping Texas babies feeling fresh while the Wilkersons continue her mission back home in Milwaukee. They also offer diaper service to families within the Milwaukee area! If you’re outside of this radius, you can check to see if they’ll come to you for an additional fee. 

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With Wholesome Diaper, you will sign up for a diaper service subscription where they will come to your Milwaukee house once a week. The company uses OsoCozy 100% pre-fold diapers, and you will receive a fresh stack at the very beginning. You will diaper your baby like normal and throw dirty diapers into a pail–no pretreating required! Then, on collection day, you’ll leave your used diapers on your front porch. The company will swing by to collect them and drop off a freshly laundered stack. They’ll rinse, and you’ll repeat. For the cleaning process, the company uses industrial washers and gentle laundry products to sanitize the diapers while still protecting your child’s skin. 


At Wholesome Diaper, they understand that your baby is unique. They have options so you can find the solution that perfectly works for your baby’s booty. If pre-fitted diapers just don’t work for you, you can opt for fitted diapers with no folding required. The company has an online shop where you can get additional gear, including adorable diaper covers and eco-friendly wipes. 

You Will Love The Ease Of Using This Incredible Diaper Service In Milwaukee

With the diaper service in Milwaukee, Wholesome Diaper, you can keep your baby feeling clean without having to do endless laundry. Check out this center today so you can get started! 

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