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Get the Help You Need From 4 Postpartum Doulas in Milwaukee

Having a baby is a pretty huge deal. Not only is it incredibly hard on your body, but it can also take an emotional toll. You’re trying to recover while figuring out all your baby’s cues. And you’re doing it all on very little sleep. What you really need is a good support system that can guide you through everything. By hiring a postpartum doula, you can have the help you need to get through the early months of parenthood. Here are the top postpartum doulas in Milwaukee who can guide you through this time. 

Find The Best Support And Guidance With These Postpartum Doulas In Milwaukee

young dad holds wrapped baby in blueJo Ann Bishop

Jo Ann Bishop is among the seasoned postpartum doulas who specialize in providing evidence-based support in Milwaukee. She offers packages that let you book her services for 12, 24, or 32 hours. If you could use additional help, you can speak to her about creating a customized package. She’ll be there to provide you with support and encourage you on your parenting choices. She can also offer practical support, including sibling care and transitional help for your partner. 

Heather Nitschke Birth Services

Heather Nitschke offers both birth support and postpartum doula support to Milwaukee families. She offers inclusive care to every family and tailors her services to your unique needs. Her primary goal is to work with you so you feel empowered to take care of your newborn. Not only will she walk you through basic instructions, but she will also help you around the house or provide overnight care so you can get the rest you need to take on each new day. 

Jennifer Barton Postpartum Doula

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Jennifer Barton is among the DONA-certified postpartum doulas who have been working with Milwaukee families since 2011. Throughout her time with you, she will help you prioritize your self-care. She offers non-judgmental support. She’s not there to tell you how she thinks you need to do things. Instead, she will make sure you have the information you need to make the best decisions for your family. She can aid you with your recovery, take care of snacks for both you and your older children, handle basic household chores, and hold the baby so you can care for yourself.

Moon Willow Doula

Moon Willow Doulas is a practice that was opened up by Elissa Lenkin Weber. Elissa prides herself in her calming presence, offering solace that can be hard to find through those early months of parenthood. She will be there to guide you through every step of motherhood, whether she’s advising you on the latest gear or helping you keep up with the endless diaper changes. If you’re not quite sure whether she’s the postpartum doula for you, she invites you to schedule a free consultation to learn more about her services. 

mom and dad hold baby boy in boho studio setYou Will Love The Extra Support At Home With These Postpartum Doulas In Milwaukee

By working with postpartum doulas in Milwaukee, you will have the guidance you need to conquer the early months of parenthood. Check these practices out today so you can find your person. 

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